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CapeGOP Chairman Michael J. “Mike” Donohue has a passion for helping good people win elective office.  Mike started in Cape May County politics after finishing law school and opening his own practice in 1994, and never looked back.  In 1998, he won a City Council seat.  He then helped other candidates at every level on their campaigns.  In 2005, Mike worked on a gubernatorial campaign as a Cape May County grassroots organizer.  He played the same role in 2006, for the U.S. Senate campaign of Tom Kean, Jr.  In 2007 and 2009, Mike ran for State Assembly, coming close each time to defeating the Camden County Democrat Machine.  In 2008 and 2012, Mike was a delegate to the Republican National Convention.


In 2010, Mike ran the Primary campaign of longtime Freeholder Jerry Thornton and Sue Sheppard after the establishment threw Jerry off the line.  Mike’s candidates won in a landslide and week later, Mike Donohue became the Chairman of the Cape May County Regular Republican Organization.  After five+ years of racking up wins and building a powerful statewide reputation for himself and CapeGOP, in 2015, Mike accepted the nomination of Governor Chris Christie and the unanimous vote of the State Senate to serve as a New Jersey Superior Court Judge.  Judge Donohue served with distinction in the Criminal Court, being regularly upheld by the Appellate Division and having an opinion approved for publication by the NJ Supreme Court’s Committee on Opinions.


But the pull of events in the larger world proved too much for Mike Donohue.  On March 1, 2020, Mike left the bench and returned to the arena.  In July, 2020, Mike also returned as the Chairman of the CapeGOP.  In 2020 and 2021, CapeGOP candidates at all levels scored historic victories with unprecedented margins and vote counts.  For 2022 and beyond, Chairman Donohue continues his aggressive, Conservative approach to the role of Chairman, supporting candidates at all levels and building relationships statewide.  CapeGOP is on a roll.

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